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Live Lobster Group is currently producing Burning Greed
a film about a forgotten, true story of heroism, 
activism, and corruption in 1970s Boston. 
Arson for profit was common in cities across the US, 
but nobody expected to find a conspiracy like this...

Alarms sound in the early morning. Sirens wail on Symphony Road. It’s happening again. The neighborhood is burning nightly and there’s nothing the tenants can do but wait in fear. 

During the 1970s, Boston residents were under siege. Real 
estate businessmen were making money by burning apartment buildings to the ground, leaving the poor, elderly, and minority tenants homeless and several dead.

The tenants’ cries for arson investigations were dismissed. Arson was hard to prosecute and arson for profit was business-as-usual across the nation. A brave group of community activists were determined to save their neighborhood and themselves. Their hard work revealed a pattern in the fires and it was enough to convince the state to prosecute and eventually convict 32 men in what was the largest and most complex arson for profit ring in the country.
Project Status
Burning Greed is moving ahead, but slowed down a bit while searching to replace our post services.

Our Team
Sonia Weinhaus, Producer/Director
Ryan Pollyea, Writer
Seth Bender, Editor
Marion Bradford, Production Assistant
Fred Keeler, Narrator
John Moreland, Animator
Dan Kennedy, Director of Photography
Drew Lagace, Sound
Steven Foley and Sam Harnish, Field Production Assistants
Mia DeiDolori, Designer
Allen Pinney and Corey Desharnais, Development